Join BPR!

The Brown Political Review is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 semester.  If you’re interested in joining a close-knit team that’s dedicated to producing innovative and interesting political content, here’s how to apply:

Applications are now due on August 20th at 11:59 PM, and you must access them with an email address ending in Email us at if you have any issues or questions!

Associate Editors

Associate Editors select and edit all content for the print magazine. Associate Editors edit two to four print articles per semester on Editorial Board.

Apply to be an Associate Editor.

Copy Editors

Copy Editors copy edit and fact check all the content produced for the website and the magazine. They are responsible for one day a week of copy editing, one to two articles per week to fact check, and have a larger copy editing commitment during the production cycle.

Apply to be a Copy Editor.

Associate Copy Editorial Chief

The Associate Copy Editorial Chief serves as the second-in-command to the CEC. Together, they hold weekly Board meetings, maintain the BPR style guide, write magazine-specific style guides each production cycle, schedule shifts during production week, and ensure that copy editors complete their assignments in a timely manner.

Apply to be an Associate Copy Editorial Chief.

Staff Writers

Staff Writers write four to five online articles per semester for Content Board and contribute to one of three sections: US, World, and Culture.

Apply to be a Staff Writer.

Creative Associates

Design Associates conceive and direct the magazine’s layout, aesthetic, and design. As members of Layout Board, they create original infographic and graphic design content for the magazine and website.

Apply to be a Creative Associate.

Media Associates

Media Associates conceptualize, draft, and produce visual and audiovisual media content.

Apply to be a Media Associate.

Interviews Associates

Interviews Associates schedule and conduct interviews with political leaders and public intellectuals.

Apply to be an Interviews Associate.

Business Associates

Business Associates manage BPR’s finances and sell advertisements for the magazine and website.

Apply to be an Business Associate.

Marketing Associates

Marketing Associates design and execute marketing campaigns for issue releases, calls for submissions, and staff recruitment. Members also manage alumni relations and magazine distribution.

Apply to be a Marketing Associate.

Data Associate

Data Associates produce infographics, write data-driven articles, and create interactives and news apps.

Apply to be a Data Associate.