Once again, Greece is making headlines for its economic troubles as it heads towards a major confrontation with its European creditors and the IMF. Tensions over bailout negotiations are on the rise and many are worried Athens will see itself in irremediable debt in the near future, considering the IMF is not participating in the […]

“Before the drought, I would have to dig 60 or 70 meters to find water. Then I had to dig 100 to 200 meters,” said former Syrian well-digger Kemal Ali. “Then, when the drought hit very strongly, I had to dig 500 meters. The deepest I ever had to dig was 700 meters. The water […]

The ubiquity of American products abroad is hardly surprising. From Ray Bans to Nikes to Chevys, the marketplace today is truly global and interconnected. But one American export may prove to be less fashionable than these aforementioned products: obesity. Fast food establishments have been popping up around the world at an unprecedented rate, selling their meals […]

Undemocratic coups come in many forms. Not all of them are violent, seemingly disorganized uprisings – the ‘standard’ coup, so to speak. Many (especially in recent times) are engineered from abroad. Still others are carried out through legal means. Legal structures are often twisted and abused to attain political ends. They are often used to […]

Home to impressive monuments such as Timbuktu and Djenné, the Sahel Region, an eco-climate zone that encompasses nations such as Sudan, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Chad (Somalia and Ethiopia are occasionally included), was at the center of the global gold trade for centuries and boasted spectacular civilizations such as the Benin […]