On the eve of the Holocaust, Hitler addressed a gathering of Wehrmacht commanders at his home in Obersalzberg, just a week before the invasion of Poland and the forthcoming extermination of around 90 percent of Polish Jews. “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians,” he asked. Historians have reached almost unanimous […]

The first round of elections for the Majlis, Iran’s national parliament, changed the dynamic for political reformists throughout the country. 83 candidates from The List of Hope — an informal coalition of moderate and reformist candidates — claimed victory in the first of round of elections, an increase of over 50 representatives for the party. […]

On March 13, a car bomb exploded in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, killing an estimated 32 people and injuring over 100 others. This attack came only a few days after several other small-scale strikes in both Ankara and Istanbul. On March 22nd, suicide bombings at the Brussels Airport and the Brussels subway in Belgium claimed 35 […]

In March 2013, among the overcrowded chaos of the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, American psychiatrist Dr. James Gordon watched as refugee children clung to their mothers, too afraid to leave their sides. Upon speaking with these women, Dr. Gordon discovered that the children were deeply affected by the violence they had witnessed and the […]

Trying to stop human-caused climate change is like trying to stop a speeding bus; you need to slow it down first. Carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere will linger for hundreds of years, rendering the considerable attention focused on CO2 emissions somewhat misplaced – especially since there’s another way to slow climate change with a […]

Since the start of 2016, ISIL has fought a sophisticated, multi-front battle for Libyan oil industry infrastructure from its stronghold of territory within the country. As in other places, as ISIL has grown as a security threat, American foreign policy has been inevitably redirected towards it. Yet, US high command is still struggling to define […]

There’s something haunting South Asian schools: “ghost teachers.” These aren’t the specters of teachers past. They’re fictitious teachers, who exist only on paper to misappropriate education funds, or they’re real teachers who rarely show up to their jobs. In July, internal records from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education revealed that 1,100 schools were receiving funding for […]