Since first being elected in 2005, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s famously football-loving president, has been scoring goal after goal. Morales’ victories have been monumental: He’s significantly reshaped the Bolivian constitution (for example, making Bolivia officially secular rather than Catholic), become the single dominant figure in Bolivian politics, and, as an Aymara, won recognition as the first […]

What happens when a country without legal abortion tells women not to get pregnant? This was the question many asked when government officials in El Salvador recently told women to avoid getting pregnant until 2018 as a precaution against the Zika virus. Zika, which displays common cold-like symptoms in adults, can cause serious birth defects […]

When Venezuelans lined up to fill their tanks the morning of February 19th, they encountered an unpleasant surprise: gasoline was over a thousand times more expensive than it had been at nightfall. Such extreme variation in gasoline prices was virtually unknown to those in the queue. Given the country’s vast oil reserves and the state […]

Pope Francis has never let language barriers get in his way. Whether he’s conversing in Spanish, giving homilies in Italian, or addressing crowds of followers in English, Argentinian cleric Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who took the title Pope Francis around two years ago, has succeeded in building immediate and intimate connections with his audiences. Yet Pope […]

On September 23, Colombians awoke to the unexpected news of a peace accord between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the guerrilla group better known as FARC. The agreement, which has the potential to bring an end to years of armed conflict, was signed by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the […]