Four days after the election of Donald Trump, an article  in the New York Times opened with the ominous statement “and then there was one.” The piece referred to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom the authors touted as the final pillar of Western liberalism and last sliver of hope against a rising tide of populism. […]

Respectable public opinion holds that Labour has already lost the next General Election in the United Kingdom– maybe the next couple. Notwithstanding the unrestrained solipsism and unprofessionalism emanating from certain members of the frontbench, the increasingly divided cabinet, or the somewhat chilly public response to the prime minister’s choice of grammar schools (of all things) […]

Pirates — those ancient swashbucklers or their contemporary illegal-downloading counterparts — seldom conjure images of political savvy or engagement. Iceland, however, is a different case. The island nation in the north Atlantic has seen its political landscape altered by self-styled “pirates.” This transformation hasn’t erupted from smash-and-grab stunts or insurrection; these “pirates,” rather, are members […]

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The reconstruction of modern Italy, likewise, has been slow and taxing. Former Prime Minister and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi served in four governments from 1994 to 2011. In this time, Berlusconi fabricated a corrupt government and manufactured a $2.6 trillion sovereign debt. The nearly 20 years that Italy was governed […]

Four years ago, a mass demonstration in Barcelona to celebrate La Diada, Cataluña’s national holiday, triggered the latest in a long line of efforts to kick-start a serious move for Catalán independence. While a 2014 referendum in favor of independence passed resoundingly,  it was plagued by low turnout and the results were disregarded, mainly because […]

Much like in the US presidential election, politicians in France must grapple with complex issues involving public education. The education system in France boasts egalitarian, incredibly accessible, high-quality universities. Most of these praised universities were established in the 18th century, and are still highly regarded – but nothing much has changed in their approach to education, […]