Once again, Greece is making headlines for its economic troubles as it heads towards a major confrontation with its European creditors and the IMF. Tensions over bailout negotiations are on the rise and many are worried Athens will see itself in irremediable debt in the near future, considering the IMF is not participating in the […]

Some argue that the historical and current bloodshed of Western imperialism has transformed the English language into a universal tool of communication. Through centuries of colonialism, neocolonialism, Cold War expansionism, and, most recently, globalization, the West has spread its preferred systems of capitalism, democracy, and moral values. The British, until the beginning of the 20th […]

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seems to have a knack for the unprecedented, a desire to chart his own path and challenge previously established norms, formalities, and laws. Well before his current swath of controversy — when the words “attempted coup” and “purge” did not yet dominate Turkish politics — Erdogan was already pushing the […]

In the wake of Yahya Jammeh’s arrest at the hands of Senegalese forces, Vladimir Putin’s return to one of his alleged favorite pastimes, and Nicolás Maduro’s increasingly creative efforts to hollow out Venezuela’s democratic institutions, an old piece of conventional wisdom about authoritarian leaders is apparently being validated: They only leave office in coups, in […]

Four days after the election of Donald Trump, an article  in the New York Times opened with the ominous statement “and then there was one.” The piece referred to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom the authors touted as the final pillar of Western liberalism and last sliver of hope against a rising tide of populism. […]