Four years ago, a mass demonstration in Barcelona to celebrate La Diada, Cataluña’s national holiday, triggered the latest in a long line of efforts to kick-start a serious move for Catalán independence. While a 2014 referendum in favor of independence passed resoundingly,  it was plagued by low turnout and the results were disregarded, mainly because […]

Much like in the US presidential election, politicians in France must grapple with complex issues involving public education. The education system in France boasts egalitarian, incredibly accessible, high-quality universities. Most of these praised universities were established in the 18th century, and are still highly regarded – but nothing much has changed in their approach to education, […]

“We’re out.”With this laconic declaration, the Daily Mail delivered Friday’s simple, momentous truth to a polarized Britain; the torrent of patriotism and triumph on one side was matched only by the apocalyptic lamentations of the other.The United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union.While much of the county’s political establishment was left to reflect on […]

Britain really wants to know: Should it stay or should it go? The concept of British exit from the EU, popularly dubbed “Brexit,” has dominated headlines in advance of the country’s June referendum on EU membership. Brexit’s supporters have railed against perceived and real limitations on British lawmakers, particularly regarding immigration policy, lawmaker accountability, domestic […]

On the eve of the Holocaust, Hitler addressed a gathering of Wehrmacht commanders at his home in Obersalzberg, just a week before the invasion of Poland and the forthcoming extermination of around 90 percent of Polish Jews. “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians,” he asked. Historians have reached almost unanimous […]