Indonesia, with its over 240 million practicing Muslims, is usually devoid of much of the instability that plagues the also-predominantly-Muslim Middle East. Its moderate policies and lack of frequent terrorist activity is often regarded as a shining testament against the assumption that Islam lends itself to violence. However, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), a radical […]

Help wanted: Facebook is seeking a Head of Public Policy in Bangkok, Thailand. Responsibilities include monitoring Thai politics, working with the government and private sector partners regarding technology policy, promoting the use of Facebook, and communicating Facebook’s policy agenda to national leaders. With this vaguely defined job opening, the company looks to add to its […]

Since his inauguration this past June, the potent combination of Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s theatricality, popularity, and policies have put the international diplomatic community on edge. While Duterte is perhaps most widely known for his blunt and vitriolic rhetoric regarding other world leaders and their countries, his actions within the Philippines constitute a much greater […]

At age 23, Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a leader of the student protest movement in Hong Kong against perceived mainland Chinese overreach, became the youngest person ever to win a seat in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. But Hong Kong’s legislative elections, which were held on September 4, were notable for more than Law’s success at the […]

The legacy of foreign involvement in Afghanistan is both extensive and controversial. Whether referring to Soviet manipulation of the state during the Cold War or the continued American presence in the country — arguably the symbol of broken foreign policy promises by the Obama Administration — Afghanistan’s past has been shaped by outsiders. However, while discussion on the impact of intervention in Afghanistan is crucial to understanding the country’s place in the global system today, it is important to note […]

For any major power looking to grow its influence, Kazakhstan is a hidden gem. While short on name recognition, the Central Asian republic has the second largest uranium reserves in the world, also coming in sixth in iron, eighth in coal, and twelfth in oil. It is the ninth largest country in the world by land area, […]

March 15 marked the beginning of a landmark human-trafficking trial in Thailand in which 92 defendants are charged with establishing a transnational trafficking network to smuggle refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar into Malaysia. Authorities discovered the network last year when a mass grave containing 36 bodies was unearthed in southern Thailand. The outfit is implicated […]

With $40.9 million in ticket sales on its first day, the Chinese film “The Mermaid” broke global box office records in February of this year. The success of the movie manifests China’s growing presence within the global film industry. Blockbuster successes and an increased partnership between Hollywood and the Chinese film industry have set China […]

On September 21, 2015, the world watched the inaugural trip of sub-Saharan Africa’s first urban light rail system — and if they didn’t, they should have. The Ethiopian government partnered with two Chinese companies to bring a much-needed mass transit system to Addis Ababa, the rapidly growing capital city of Ethiopia. The spirit of the […]

Tucked between northeast Nepal and southern Tibet, the Khumbu Icefall slides down Mount Everest an average of three to four feet each day. The icefall’s crust is a Jenga-pile of house-sized ice blocks that break and collapse without warning. Crossing this part of the glacier is the most dangerous, terrifying section of the trek to […]