Demos kratia, Greek for “people rule,” better known as “democracy” in English, has meant various things for various peoples, but today we widely value it as consent of the governed. A fundamental tenet of American society, this value has always been at the center of the centuries-old debates over the role of power and personal […]

Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram posts have all been credited as by-products of a new, stream of consciousness, millennial culture prone to over-sharing and broadcasting “inappropriate” behavior. However, a new wave of Internet-savvy creators has seized the reins on managing their public personas to cater to growing followings of increasingly plugged-in viewers. While the Internet […]

There’s a pretty good chance I’m being tracked by the NSA. After some questionable Google searches for this article, some in-depth readings on anonymity browsers, and an accidental download of a view at your own risk PDF entitled “Basically everything you need to know about Tor,” I’m confident that I am now considered an “extremist” […]

A riddle: An award-winning journalist with his own CNN segment and Washington Post column is accused of plagiarism. The accusers claim that for over 20 years of his career, the journalist has paraphrased, improperly quoted or outright stolen significant portions of his life’s work. This journalist, a foreign policy expert and a media personality, could […]

The Internet has democratized information. Websites have effectively eradicated the barriers to access that once prevented individuals from obtaining the information that is readily accessible today. In theory, Google is available to anyone, rich or poor, who can access a computer and type a query into a search bar.This has had a twofold effect: In […]