Cooperative development provides major benefits over traditional corporations. It focused on building cooperative enterprises and promoting a cooperative atmosphere. These corporations are owned by the workers either directly or by having workers own the majority of a company’s shares. The encouragement of cooperatives in the United States would greatly benefit the U.S. economy. Traditional corporations suffer […]

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee recently bestowed the 2017 prize upon the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), an organization which has been working toward the global abolishment of nuclear weapons for over a decade. Their three-pronged strategy to “stigmatize, prohibit, and eliminate” nuclear weapons has been lauded by figures like the Dalai Lama, […]

President Trump’s June 21st rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was predictably similar to previous rallies he gave as a candidate and continues to give as President. He bragged about the size of the crowd filling the “big, big arena,” reiterated his promise to build a wall on our southern border and blasted Democrats at every […]

President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is generally portrayed in the media as a paradigmatic shift in presidential communication — so unprecedented that it has forced us to make fundamental, consequential decisions on the role of social networks in modern politics. Later this year, a New York District Court will hand down one such decision: […]

Americans often decry the high rate of executive pay in this country. It is certainly true that American CEO’s are being paid more than they were in the past – about 940% more than the late 1970s. But the much more interesting, and perhaps dangerous, aspect of corporate governance is the expansion of stock buybacks. […]

Nestled in the center of Idaho lies Blaine County: an oddly-shaped shaped area nearly twice the size of Rhode Island, with a panhandle extending to the south – a remnant of gerrymandering in the 1880’s. More notable than its shape, however, is its voting history. Though the state of Idaho has supported a Republican president […]