Though the presidential election grabbed most of the headlines, Donald Trump wasn’t the only big winner on November 8th – marijuana legalization ballot measures passed in four states, and some did by resounding margins. Thanks to this, more than one in five Americans now live in a state with legal recreational marijuana. Marijuana is a […]

Ryan Lewis had been exhibiting signs of clinical depression for months. Concerned about their son, his parents decided to send him to a residential treatment center to get him help. They consulted an educational expert, who referred them to the Alldredge Academy in West Virginia, a therapeutic wilderness program in the Appalachian wilderness that promised […]

As spring fast approaches, 42 million American households are beginning to plan and design their gardens. Over the last five years, Americans have planted 17 percent more home gardens, an indication that an increasing number of families place an importance on growing their own food. One such family is the First Family. The Obamas’ 1,000 […]

Amid increasing numbers of drug use and HIV/AIDS across the country, public debates about the merits of needle exchange programs (NEPs) are reigniting. Cities like Holyoke, Massachusetts are aflame with lawsuits and disagreement about the legitimacy of these programs. While NEPs are not a new public health measure, NEPs have consistently been controversial, with some […]

Americans are fat, and getting fatter. According to the American Heart Association, 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States are obese. This crisis is being attacked by public officials like Michelle Obama, who has made addressing childhood obesity her area of focus during her tenure as First Lady. She started the […]

Organic foods have exploded in popularity since the 1990s. 45 percent of Americans actively seek to include organic foods in their diets, and these products are available in three out of four conventional grocery stores. The fact that organic foods can cost up to twice as much as their conventionally grown counterparts hasn’t seemed to […]

Zika has entered the American consciousness in much the same way Ebola did: with a melodramatic flourish and a twinge of impish paranoia. It is something to be feared and something very deadly. And, so goes the narrative, it will be here soon.This is, of course, a delightful oversimplification of Zika the disease and Zika […]