For a long time, weather control was merely the stuff of Greek myths, super powers, or science fiction novels. But experimentation with altering weather and climate in the academic realm has been explored for nearly two hundred years,, with increasingly — and some might say frighteningly — reactive results. Beyond scholarly curiosity about the human ability to manipulate our immediate environment, climate control has more recently […]

Once a symbol of human ingenuity and power over nature, the 79,000 dams scattered across America’s landscape are now falling into disrepair and disuse. Even the larger, highly functioning dams struggle to generate enough energy to justify their drawbacks. This decline is merely the latest chapter in the fraught history of hydroelectricity — a tale that includes unintended environmental consequences and disregard for Native American rights. Repairing the damages […]

Much to the dismay of environmentalists, progressives, and worried citizens, the national political climate remains frozen on climate change while ice caps melt. Under the shadow of the global inability to address the issue, alarmed and alert Americans are struggling to restore and sustain their environment. But if the effects of climate change seem distant, […]

The 2015 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, or COP 21, begins on December 7th in Paris.  The Paris Agreement  already promises to be the most significant agreement on climate change since the Kyoto Protocol. As heads of state, negotiators, and climate activists descend on Paris for the two-week climate change conference, BPR’s very own Mili […]

The environmental movement in the United States has a problem. From rooftop gardens to central parks, cities across the country have been putting the green into green spaces. In fact, cities like New York have committed upwards of $130 million to revamp old parks and create new ones. Well-intentioned as they may be, these investments drive up the cost of rent in these neighborhoods, forcing low-income families out, as the […]

On September 29, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized new rules to improve air quality in areas surrounding oil refineries across the United States, a move that the agency maintains will reduce the risk of cancer for 1.4 million people. The regulations require the monitoring of emissions on “fence lines” where refinery-generated pollutants enter nearby […]

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy made headlines when a decades-old disagreement with authorities over grazing rights on federally owned land escalated into a heated showdown between local and federal law enforcement agents. The Bundy dispute prompted reactions from high-profile politicians of all stripes and garnered intense media coverage, bringing hundreds of states’ rights activists to rally […]

From the Alamo to Gettysburg, the battlefields of the United States’ many wars are commonplace across the country. Whether big or small, each battlefield has its own history, and these histories are worth studying and commemorating. Yet while it is easy to built memorials and transport small remnants of war, nothing can match the preserved […]

In a nation where 75 percent of processed food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Vermont reignited an already contentious debate in May of last year when it passed a law requiring mandatory GMO labeling. While other states, including Maine and Connecticut, have passed similar legislation, their laws require “triggers” to go into effect, meaning the […]