President Trump has been no friend of the environment. Before his election, he called global warming “a hoax” and “bullshit.” He has appointed several climate change deniers to his cabinet, including former Texas governor Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy and Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, his tight budget for […]

Parks and gardens in urban areas are more than just beautification projects. Green spaces not only break up grey surroundings and add color to what are usually monochromatic and bustling settings, they are immensely beneficial to the area surrounding them. Green spaces have been spreading fast across the United States, but are also prevalent internationally, […]

When people think of the Red Sox, a multitude of thoughts and emotions come to mind: Boston, their rivalry with the Yankees, love, eight World Series victories, and hatred, among others. What the vast majority of fans, adversaries, and everything in between don’t think about, however, is gardening. Yet, as of April 13, 2015, Fenway […]

When it comes to President Donald Trump’s Twitter page, there is no shortage of inane posts, particularly in relation to global warming. Of these tweets, however, the one suggesting that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to hinder US manufacturing ambitions as opposed to a widely accepted scientific observation has garnered particularly […]

Ernest Moniz is the current U. S. Secretary of Energy. He was unanimously confirmed to the position by the Senate in 2013. Moniz is an esteemed nuclear physicist and has served as Head of the Physics Department and Director of the Bates Linear Accelerator Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Given President Obama’s recent 2016 […]

Facing incessant drought, cities across the state of California have been forced to consider every potential water-saving measure. But though desperate times call for desperate measures, one city’s water-saving solution may be deemed a bit too extreme. Southern California’s Pismo Beach recently passed an ordinance mandating that urinals installed in new buildings be completely water […]

For a long time, weather control was merely the stuff of Greek myths, super powers, or science fiction novels. But experimentation with altering weather and climate in the academic realm has been explored for nearly two hundred years,, with increasingly — and some might say frighteningly — reactive results. Beyond scholarly curiosity about the human ability to manipulate our immediate environment, climate control has more recently […]

Once a symbol of human ingenuity and power over nature, the 79,000 dams scattered across America’s landscape are now falling into disrepair and disuse. Even the larger, highly functioning dams struggle to generate enough energy to justify their drawbacks. This decline is merely the latest chapter in the fraught history of hydroelectricity — a tale that includes unintended environmental consequences and disregard for Native American rights. Repairing the damages […]