Common Core State Standards were designed to create common education standards — not common criticisms. But across the country, an unlikely coalition of students, parents, teachers, and politicians has united against one particularly controversial aspect of the new standards: the development and implementation of Common Core-aligned state tests. When Common Core Standards were first introduced […]

When Stephen Colbert ran as a presidential candidate in South Carolina for the 2008 election, his campaign was quickly rejected by the Democratic Party for lacking seriousness — not a far-fetched accusation in light of Colbert’s attempt to run as Republican and Democrat simultaneously, as well as his promises to pander exclusively to South Carolina and “crush […]

On Monday, February 16th, the Oklahoma House Education Committee voted to ban the Advanced Placement (AP) United States History curriculum from state high schools. The curriculum, said Representative Dan Fischer, fails to teach “American exceptionalism,” instead focusing on “what is bad about America.” Such a ban is hypocritical on many levels. Much of the discussion […]

The amazing thing about the dollar menu in a New York City McDonald’s is not that one can buy a meal for a dollar, but that free WiFi comes with it. Internet access is a growing concern for policymakers because of its important effects on disadvantaged groups such as low-income youth and adults, senior citizens […]

Colleges across the nation are striving to increase their socioeconomic and ethnic diversity, but the significantly lower graduation rates of black and Latino students as opposed to white and Asian American students are proof that there are educational disparities between races. Even though policies have aimed to address this “achievement gap,” no change will be […]

On February 5, the Rhode Island House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare heard testimony from supporters of a bill that would equip all public schools in Rhode Island with Narcan, the “miracle” drug capable of rapidly reversing opiate overdoses. I’ve seen Narcan administered as an EMT, and the results are astounding: an unresponsive patient […]

On January 26, the Supreme Court received a petition to hear Friedrichs vs. California Teacher’s Association. Although the case is yet to be accepted by the Court and any possible ruling is at least a year away, SCOTUS-watchers are nonetheless on the edge of their seats. As it stands, Friedrichs threatens to deal the latest […]

A Brown University undergraduate degree in 1960 cost $45,000 when adjusted for inflation. Today, tuition costs around $190,000 — enough money to pay full fare for a 1960 Brown degree and a 1960 Harvard Business School degree and still have a couple thousand dollars left in couch coins. This upward trend in college tuition isn’t […]