The week before the US presidential election, then-Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine made history by delivering the first presidential campaign speech conducted entirely in Spanish. “No hablo español perfectamente,” he began, adopting the language associated with immigration into the United States. In Spanish, Senator Kaine criticized President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies, which Trump has […]

While the proposition to legalize marijuana has taken up the most oxygen of Massachusetts’ ballot initiatives, another issue is just as consequential: charter schools. Question 2, if approved, would expand existing charter schools and/or authorize the creation of up to twelve additional ones. Earlier this year, the measure seemed poised to pass, with one poll […]

Online education, once championed as a great equalizer, promising unfettered access to a variety of quality course material, seems to have fallen short of that guarantee. Even more damning is that online courses may in fact directly contribute to the growing inequality of educational systems — a point well made by Kaveh Waddell in a […]

A cluster of third-graders, clad in khakis and blue polos, sit for lunch facing a world map marked with notecards on dozens of countries, telling the stories of the students’ families. These are the youth of Achievement First, one of Rhode Island’s four mayoral academies and a member of a unique network of charter schools […]

When asked about powerful lobbying organizations, state lawmakers across the country often don’t point to the NRA; instead, they refer to the astonishingly influential Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The organization, founded in 1983, rose to prominence concurrently with the fundamentalist Christian movement in the eighties. Today, it boasts approximately 80,000 members and a […]

As if it weren’t already hard enough to get out of bed for early classes, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) may just make it that much more tempting to stay in. MOOCs are educational online courses available to the public, providing mass quantities of educational information through videos, lectures, and notes, which touch on all […]

School funding in Pennsylvania is so unequal that the state nearly turned its entire tax system upside down trying to fix the situation this past March. In an attempt to mend a system where per-pupil spending in low-income districts is 33 percent lower than in high-income school districts, Pennsylvania’s state legislature almost completely abolished the […]