Aristotle famously began the Nicomachean Ethics with a declaration: “Every art and every investigation, and likewise every practical pursuit or undertaking, seems to aim at some good.” He contends that a “final good” must exist in order to surmount the difficulties that would arise from an endless regress of ‘good things.’ Aristotle concludes that “what is […]

Apple. Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Twitter. Uber. Tesla. Netflix. eBay. Intel. On February 7th, over 100 American companies co-signed an amicus curiae brief — otherwise known as a “friend of the court” brief — for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, expressing opposition to the Trump Administration’s Muslim travel ban. On February 9th, the Court ruled against […]

There’s no denying that the US education system is trigger-happy when it comes to passing out suspensions. According to some reports, 1 in 3 students in America are suspended at some point between kindergarten and 12th grade. In 2011, enough students were suspended to fill the stadiums of the first 45 Super Bowls, effectively eliminating nearly […]

Over the past year, the average American has consumed an extra pound of dairy products. However, this is not a conscious decision in response to the Department of Health’s report that over 80 percent of the population’s dietary intake of dairy is below recommended levels. Consumers most likely fail to even notice their extra dairy […]

Over the last few years, companies like Uber and Airbnb have exploded onto the national and international economic scenes. Uber was recently valued at $68 billion, and Airbnb at $30 billion. In less than a decade, these two companies have built the “sharing economy” into a multibillion-dollar monolith. Their business models have revolutionized the way […]

Since tuna fish became a staple food for the Baby Boomer Generation, the tuna fish industry has enjoyed an outsized role in the American diet. The United States consumes 29 percent of all canned tuna produced worldwide, and until recently, tuna was the most-consumed seafood in the American diet. However, tuna is far from all-American. […]

I remember standing in line at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Providence at the heart of a rally for Donald Trump. Like at many other such gatherings across the country, amid the cacophony of excited supporters eagerly exchanging thoughts, an occasional chant of “build the wall,” “ten feet higher,” or “send them home” broke out, […]