America’s passenger rail is struggling. American rail is far slower, more expensive and less reliable than its global counterparts. American rail fare is almost twice as much per mile as that of Europe; even so, those trips almost always average slower speeds. On the Northeast Regional, which travels between Washington D.C. and Boston and is […]

Cooperative development provides major benefits over traditional corporations. It focused on building cooperative enterprises and promoting a cooperative atmosphere. These corporations are owned by the workers either directly or by having workers own the majority of a company’s shares. The encouragement of cooperatives in the United States would greatly benefit the U.S. economy. Traditional corporations suffer […]

Americans often decry the high rate of executive pay in this country. It is certainly true that American CEO’s are being paid more than they were in the past – about 940% more than the late 1970s. But the much more interesting, and perhaps dangerous, aspect of corporate governance is the expansion of stock buybacks. […]

In December of 2016, Amazon announced a new, physical retail store in Seattle, WA to enthusiastic but limited fanfare. The store – a supermarket styled as “Amazon Go” – is noteworthy for its lack of cashiers, checkout stands and lines. Instead, Amazon promises customers will simply walk in, pick up items and walk out. The […]

The United States is in a unique political moment. Today, Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines than in any time in the past twenty five years. The two major parties leading the country are becoming much more adversarial—and not in a way that bolsters public or national cohesiveness. Rather, political polarization—accompanied by […]

The Texas Rangers are a baseball franchise whose identity is inseparable from politics.The Rangers were a tool for an American politician. Former President George W. Bush owned a minority stake in the team and used the construction of a new stadium as political fuel for his ascension to the Texas Governorship and later the Presidency. […]

On New Year’s Day, New York’s celebrated Second Avenue Subway opened to great fanfare, concluding a tortured, century-long history of false starts and continually altered deadlines. First proposed in the 1920s, the project languished for decades due to intermittent financial crises before construction officially started in 2007. City and state officials hailed completion of the […]

Across major American cities, residents are facing the high costs of a growing housing crisis. While zoning regulations and affordable housing have typically been hailed as ways to preserve neighborhoods while providing opportunities for low-income families, there is a significant downside to this more restrictive approach. This method of local control over the market gives […]

On December 20, 1951, the United States switched on the first peaceful nuclear power reactor the world had ever seen: Experimental Breeder Reactor-I.­­ The reactor provided just enough energy to power four 200-watt lightbulbs, proving that a nuclear power reactor could be used to generate electricity. By the next day, the scientists had the reactor […]