On September 2, 2016, thousands of American pastors and across the country took to their pulpits as part of the annual “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” to discuss the relative merits of the two most unpopular major party candidates for President on record. Their coordinated – and surprisingly bipartisan – effort to make their voices heard was […]

Just before midnight, after Monday night’s speeches, delegates for Bernie Sanders rallied in the hallways of the Wells Fargo Center. They chanted, “Bernie beats Trump,” in anticipation of Tuesday’s roll call vote. This is Bruce Jones of Half Moon Bay, California, representing San Mateo County, California. Who are you representing? My district of 50,000 voters […]

Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN) has represented the 5th District of Tennessee since 2003 and previously the 4th District of Tennessee from 1983 to 1995. In Congress, he’s known for his work on the federal budget, health care, and government reform. He’s a co-chairman of the Blue Dog Coalition and is one of the few remaining […]

BPR is covering the lecture by Ambassador Chas Freeman on the ability of America to shape international politics, and how that has changed since the Cold War.Ambassador Freeman is a senior fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. He was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94, earning […]

It was hard to ignore CNN’s attempts to publicize the most recent Republican debate. The cable news channel released an ad nearly a month before the event featuring dramatic music, flashing graphics, and theatrical images of the candidates — a promo more suitable for announcing characters in an upcoming Marvel feature or competitors in a […]