Somalia, a conflict-torn nation on the Horn of Africa, has seen over a decade of terror and destabilization at the hands of various Islamic extremist groups. After the fall of the Siad Barre military regime in 1991, a Salafi extremist group Al-Ittihad Al-Islami (AIAI, or “Unity of Islam”), came to power. AIAI was founded by […]

Recruitment within terrorist organizations was long considered a homegrown issue, where groups attracted new members within the countries that they operate, drawing from homogenous, ideologically motivated populations with an existing undercurrent of sympathy for the group’s aims. However, the recent trend of westerners — many of them women — flocking to join terrorist groups such […]

After 9/11, the United States experienced an expansion of security measures that were intended to create a safer, more secure nation. This has resulted in an almost incomprehensible web of security precautions that now pervade everyday American life — from increased airport security measures to the “if you see something, say something” campaignlaunched by the […]

A national Pakistani hero, for whom more than a dozen academic institutions have already been named, spent five years under house arrest — albeit in a mansion with a rambling driveway crowned by a jasmine bush carved into the delicate shape of a mushroom cloud. Abdul Qadeer Khan (usually referred to as AQ Khan) is […]