A cluster of third-graders, clad in khakis and blue polos, sit for lunch facing a world map marked with notecards on dozens of countries, telling the stories of the students’ families. These are the youth of Achievement First, one of Rhode Island’s four mayoral academies and a member of a unique network of charter schools […]

In 2013, 28 percent of Rhode Island’s 1800 foster children were living in congregate care institutions, group homes in which children do not grow up with a nuclear family. Beyond Brown’s doorstep, 57,000 children nationwide are currently living under the custody of the child welfare system without foster families. Although these statistics seem impersonal, their […]

Much to the dismay of environmentalists, progressives, and worried citizens, the national political climate remains frozen on climate change while ice caps melt. Under the shadow of the global inability to address the issue, alarmed and alert Americans are struggling to restore and sustain their environment. But if the effects of climate change seem distant, […]

Almost a full year into her first term, Governor Gina Raimondo has already taken ambitious steps toward her campaign promise to revamp the Rhode Island economy. This past June, she signed a number of financial incentives into the state budget, including a $25 million I-195 development fund, a $5 million small business assistance program, and […]

Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Lambeau Field: These stadiums — and the teams that occupy them — are shimmering icons in the pantheon of American culture. But as team owners and national leagues attract more and more fans, they continue to grow in political power. Sports teams and their stadiums no longer just stand for civic […]

I am sitting across the table from Dr. Claire Andrade-Watkins, a documentarian and historian of the Fox Point Cape Verdean community with the Swearer Center for Public Service, in the Benefit Street Juice Bar and Café. This place, with its hip music, organic juices and college-aged clientele, is not how Andrade-Watkins remembers it. For her, […]

On February 5, the Rhode Island House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare heard testimony from supporters of a bill that would equip all public schools in Rhode Island with Narcan, the “miracle” drug capable of rapidly reversing opiate overdoses. I’ve seen Narcan administered as an EMT, and the results are astounding: an unresponsive patient […]