ADHESIVE IDENTITIES: Stickers and Political ExpressionHidden behind their laptop screens, students seemingly create a barrier separating them from the outside world. Yet, in an era where political activism has expanded to encompass social media platforms, the very technological devices used by students have become in and of themselves vehicles of political expression. Political stickers, once […]

Photo Credit: Nina SubinRon Chernow is a best-selling author and recipient of a Pulitzer Prize in 2011 for his biography of George Washington. His biography of Alexander Hamilton served as the source material for the Broadway musical “Hamilton.”Much of your early work focused on financial history. Are there any lessons that are particularly relevant to […]

The #NoDAPL protests have grown in size and scope this fall, but what exactly is the Dakota Access Pipeline and what are the larger impacts of this proposed project? Learn more about the nuances of its construction with this update from the BPR Media Team.Video by Misbah Noorani, Katie Scheibal, and Deja Todman.

The Rhode Island government recently signed RhodeWorks, a new initiative to repair over 600 bridges and roads in Rhode Island by investing in transportation infrastructure, into law. While the plan’s main source of funding, tolling large trucks, was met with mixed response, most parties agree that Rhode Island’s infrastructure is in a dangerous state of […]