The United States is still haunted by the memories of Gilded Age monopolies: Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Vanderbilt’s New York Central Railroad, and the trusts that dominated major industries such as tobacco, meatpacking, and steel at the turn of the century. But in the information age, a new, more shadowy class of monopolies has emerged. Large […]

The landscape of technological innovation in sub-Saharan Africa has been aptly dubbed the “Silicon Savannah.” The IT sector in the region has truly become a transplant of Silicon Valley. Google, Facebook, IBM, and others have ventured into the continent, spurring innovation and laying internet infrastructure in cities like Nairobi. President Obama organized the Global Entrepreneurship […]

As technology’s impact expands, the consequences of security vulnerabilities grow steeper. In 2016, the software testing company Tricentis reported that 4.4 billion people and $1.1 trillion in assets were impacted by software failures in 2016. Among these failures was the misprescription of heart medication to 300,000 people in the UK’s National Health Service, a mistake […]

From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, Americans have long looked west for guidance on what is new and important. It is unsurprising, then, that as Americans begin to think more critically about the endemic sexism in American culture, California is at the forefront of discussion. The downfall of both movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and former Uber […]