Peter Hitchens is an English journalist and author who has published six books, including “The Abolition of Britain,” “The War We Never Fought,” and “The Rage Against God.” In addition, he writes for The Mail on Sunday and is a former foreign correspondent in Moscow and Washington. Widely known for his powerful rhetorical and argumentative style, Hitchens has published many polemical works and been […]

Richard Culatta is the current Chief Innovation Officer of Rhode Island. A Rhode Island native, he was previously Director of the Office of Educational Technology for the US Department of Education under the Obama Administration. Previously, he was education policy advisor to US Senator Patty Murray and Chief Technology Officer at CIA University. This year, […]

Corey Flintoff studied English literature at University of California, Berkeley and Renaissance Drama at the University of Chicago before “falling in” to public broadcasting at a small station in his home state of Alaska. Flintoff moved to National Public Radio in 1990, serving as a foreign correspondent in such places as New Delhi and Moscow. […]

Lee Dunn was recently named the head of White House strategy and outreach at Google. Before that, she was the head of Google’s Republican Elections team, which works to help Republican candidates devise and implement their online strategies. She previously worked for almost a decade as a top aide for Senator John McCain, including during […]

Christina Lamb is the bestselling author of I am Malala, Farewell Kabul, and The Africa House, as well as one of Britain’s leading foreign correspondents. She currently writes for the the Sunday Times as a foreign affairs correspondent and is also a Global Fellow for the Wilson Center for International Affairs. She was awarded the […]

Joel Charny ‘75 is the founding director of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) USA, an independent humanitarian organization based in Oslo dedicated to assisting refugees and internally displaced persons in need. The NRC reported that the UK gave £16 million in aid to Somalia, a country currently experiencing its worst drought in 20 years. Do you […]

From picket protests in Alaska to student walkouts in Oregon, protesters expressed fierce resistance to the confirmation of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The intensity of the opposition pushed two Republican senators to break rank, leading to a 50-50 split on her confirmation vote and forcing Vice President Mike Pence to cast an unprecedented tie-breaking […]

“Sunny ways” has been Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s post-election mantra since he assumed the office in 2015. But his government’s environmental policies – particularly those surrounding the tar sands central to Canada’s oil industry – have overshadowed his political promises with dark clouds. In particular, the approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline […]

By the late 1820s, London’s future seemed all but assured. The capital of a sprawling empire, it was the richest and most populous city in the world. It was the birthplace of the First Industrial Revolution and the cradle of countless inventions that seemed certain to improve the quality of life for millions each year.But […]