Peter Hitchens is an English journalist and author who has published six books, including “The Abolition of Britain,” “The War We Never Fought,” and “The Rage Against God.” In addition, he writes for The Mail on Sunday and is a former foreign correspondent in Moscow and Washington. Widely known for his powerful rhetorical and argumentative style, Hitchens has published many polemical works and been […]

Corey Flintoff studied English literature at University of California, Berkeley and Renaissance Drama at the University of Chicago before “falling in” to public broadcasting at a small station in his home state of Alaska. Flintoff moved to National Public Radio in 1990, serving as a foreign correspondent in such places as New Delhi and Moscow. […]

Ambassador Pradeep Kumar Kapur has represented India in Tanzania, France, Nepal, Cambodia, and Chile since beginning his career in the Indian Foreign Service in 1979. He currently serves as the acting director of the Indian Council of World Affairs, the joint secretary of the Foreign Service Institute, and a visiting professor at the University of Maryland […]

Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo is the prime minister of Timor-Leste, a position he has held since 2015. A physician by training, he served as both the Minister of Health from 2001-2006 and the Deputy Prime Minister from 2006-2007.  What is something most people do not know or are surprised to learn about Timor-Leste? People are surprised […]

Dr. Ha-Joon Chang is currently a professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. Born in 1960s South Korea, Chang used his humble upbringing as motivation to understand the financial world and has become one of the most prominent political economists today. In addition to his role as a teacher, Dr. Chang is also an […]

Werner Weidenfeld is a German political scientist and served as the director of German-US relations for the German government. A sought-after commentator on current affairs, he has written extensively on the politics of the European Union and transatlantic issues. He currently heads the Center for Applied Policy Research, a Munich-based think tank.  The Brexit vote […]

Dr. Joyce Banda served as the first female president of Malawi from 2012 to 2014 and founded the People’s Party in 2011. Prior to serving as president, Dr. Banda was the first female vice president of Malawi. She is the founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation, the National Association of Business Women, and the Young […]

Professor Jonathan Kirshner is a Professor of International Political Economy at Cornell University. His research focuses on classical realism, the international political implications of the financial crisis, and the politics of mid-century cinema.BPR: Last year, the Chinese government lowered the interest rate by 5 percent, leading to a significant depreciation. How would you describe the […]

Roberta Jacobson ’82  is an American diplomat who is currently the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. She previously served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs from March 2012, to May 2016, in which she led a U.S. delegation to Havana for historic talks with the Cuban government and negotiated the reopening of the American […]

Charles “Chas” Freeman, Jr. is an American diplomat, author, and writer. He served as the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1989 to 1992 during Gulf War and was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993 to 1994. From 1997 to 2009, Freeman served as the president of the Middle East Policy […]

Jang Jin-Sung is the is the pseudonym of a former North Korean propaganda poet and government official who defected to South Korea in 2004. He currently runs the North Korean defectors’ magazine, New Focus, which aims to report on North Korean news without North Korean media restrictions.What are the standards for a good propaganda poem?  The only […]

Mei Fong, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has reported on the societal impacts of China’s burgeoning economy. Her most recent book, One-Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment, explores the conditions and effects of China’s one-child policy.BPR: Do you think that, ultimately, the one-child policy was successful? Did it achieve what it set out to […]