In January, two former University of North Carolina athletes filed a class-action lawsuit against the school and the NCAA. According to the complaint, the university and the NCAA had failed to “safeguard and provide a meaningful education to scholarship athletes who agreed to attend UNC—and take the field—in exchange for academically sound instruction.” These allegations […]

“So weird how writing ability is directly proportional to being able to afford a creative writing MFA. The universe is mysterious sometimes.” So sayeth the popular Twitter account @GuyInYourMFA, run by a straw man writer who weighs in on topics ranging from cigarettes (only hand-rolled, of course) to influences—“Straight white males have had such an […]

Once a month, on a Saturday morning, tens of thousands of bleary-eyed students arrive at high schools around the country, armed with number two pencils and a calculator. For about four hours, they answer questions about math, vocabulary and reading comprehension and furiously scribble out an essay on topics like “Can people have too much […]

With average student loan debts rapidly approaching $30,000 — more than three times what they were just 20 years ago — an increasing number of graduates are finding themselves stuck underneath an unconquerable mountain of debt. Student loan debts now weigh on more than two thirds of the nation’s graduating students. In light of what […]