In December of last year, two boats chartered by the environmental vigilante group Sea Shepherd, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon, embarked on an epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase in an effort to catch the Thunder, an infamous fish-poaching trawler. After first spotting the trawler in the icy waters off of Antarctica, the two vigilante […]

The community members of Villa Soldati, a slum on the southwest end of Buenos Aires’ sprawling outskirts, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, nearly half of the residents live in decrepit public housing developments and find themselves victims of rising unemployment and phantom welfare benefits. On the other […]

Red had had enough. Casa Diablo, the vegan Portland strip club where she danced, had crossed one too many lines. The daily, unchecked groping and pinching of dancers by clients and bouncers had become unbearable. The shady fees the club charged for behaviors ranging from not arriving early to wearing animal products on stage — […]

Despite widespread conversations on racial identity and discrimination on college campuses, one particular struggle students face often fails to enter the discourse: the unique experiences of first-generation students. This, however, is starting to change. On campuses across the country, there are increasing efforts to reach out to first-generation students in order to make the transition […]

  Computer science (CS) is the most popular major at Stanford University, yet female students make up only 12 percent of the program. It is hardly news that women are underrepresented in all STEM fields, computer science included. But the relatively high number of young women in introductory classes shows that the problem is not […]

In November 2014, a viral video exploded on Egyptian social media. On a Nile riverboat, several well-dressed onlookers gather as rings are exchanged, the ceremony culminating in a brief kiss and loud, happy cries from the audience. To attendees, it was a simple, idyllic wedding scene filled with “pomp and ceremony,” as one guest put […]

The challenge of accessing higher education doesn’t disappear with the arrival of a college acceptance letter. Even those fortunate enough to gain admission to college are not necessarily guaranteed full access for a number of reasons — some students will struggle academically; others might struggle with economic woes or illness. But beyond these well recognized difficulties, […]