As technology’s impact expands, the consequences of security vulnerabilities grow steeper. In 2016, the software testing company Tricentis reported that 4.4 billion people and $1.1 trillion in assets were impacted by software failures in 2016. Among these failures was the misprescription of heart medication to 300,000 people in the UK’s National Health Service, a mistake […]

Americans everywhere on the political spectrum agree: Today, equality of opportunity is more a dream than a reality. Almost two-thirds of Americans believe only a small minority of privileged people have a chance to excel in today’s economy. Examples of inequality of opportunity are often painfully present, from crumbling schools to the school-to-prison pipeline. But […]

On a brisk March morning in Washington last year, US officials announced that they were bringing criminal charges against seven Iranian nationals who tried to hack into computer systems of the New York Stock Exchange and AT&T. Usually, attempts at electronic burglary aren’t noteworthy: Cyberattacks on financial institutions are about as widespread as the Social […]

“Sunny ways” has been Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s post-election mantra since he assumed the office in 2015. But his government’s environmental policies – particularly those surrounding the tar sands central to Canada’s oil industry – have overshadowed his political promises with dark clouds. In particular, the approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline […]

By the late 1820s, London’s future seemed all but assured. The capital of a sprawling empire, it was the richest and most populous city in the world. It was the birthplace of the First Industrial Revolution and the cradle of countless inventions that seemed certain to improve the quality of life for millions each year.But […]

With $40.9 million in ticket sales on its first day, the Chinese film “The Mermaid” broke global box office records in February of this year. The success of the movie manifests China’s growing presence within the global film industry. Blockbuster successes and an increased partnership between Hollywood and the Chinese film industry have set China […]