The gap between the wealthy and poor in the United States is disturbingly greater than most of its residents realize. The Walmart family alone claims more wealth than 42% of American families combined, and younger Americans do not have the same certainty of earning more money than their parents’ generation did. As the middle class […]

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of racism in the United States is its pervasiveness. It goes beyond personal attitudes and seeps into almost all institutional functions. Environmental policy and regulation is subject to these same discriminatory pressures, which fueled the rise of an environmental justice movement. This movement started in the 1980s and was largely […]

Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Sandra Bland. Freddie Gray. Eric Garner. Terrence Crutcher. The names of these murdered black individuals, of those who wrongfully fell before their time, continue to echo throughout this nation’s inner cities, suburbs, and urban capitals. Although reactions to these names vary wildly – from tears, to solemn nods, or at worst, […]

The Office of Management and Budget was formed in 1970 to help “serve the President of the United States in implementing his vision across the Executive Branch,” according to their official mission statement. While the OMB’s most significant responsibility is to guide the President’s annual budget proposal, the OMB also creates guidelines for collecting data […]

For the last several months, borders have been at the forefront of politics and culture: Donald Trump infamously promised to erect a wall with “a big, fat, beautiful door” on the border separating the US and Mexico, while European nations have been grappling with their own border problems in the wake of the Syrian refugee […]

By 2060, 115 percent more Americans will be of Hispanic origin than in 2015. Consequently, pundits identify “the Hispanic vote” as the next frontier for ensuring political success. Political elites have thus scrambled to investigate, quantify, and draw conclusions about this group in any way possible. They have asked Hispanic respondents about their political beliefs […]

The last three years on Twitter have been dominated by the growing import and presence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an “international activist movement that campaigns against the [structural] violence towards black people,” focusing heavily on racial violence committed by police forces across the country in the last few months. The movement developed in response to […]

On September 29, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized new rules to improve air quality in areas surrounding oil refineries across the United States, a move that the agency maintains will reduce the risk of cancer for 1.4 million people. The regulations require the monitoring of emissions on “fence lines” where refinery-generated pollutants enter nearby […]