Earlier this year, in a statement released by the Windy City Times, Lilly Wachowski came out as transgender — something her sister Lana had done years prior. The news was met with initial elation by the public in support of her decision to come out. That, however, was overshadowed by subsequent vitriol following Lilly’s statement that she […]

Unless you have been completely removed from American political discourse and the news media, for the last few weeks, you have surely heard the name Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk whose unlawful and indignant refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples has polarized the nation. Her meteoric rise to political and cultural stardom […]

On March 31, the Shibuya ward in Tokyo became the first district in Japan to recognize same-sex marriage. The Shibuya district will now issue certificates to same-sex couples labeling their unions “equivalent to marriage.” The law is directed at hospital visitation rights and the joint signage of leases for same-sex couples. However, the legally nonbinding […]

“Two steps forward, one step back.” So goes the old adage of social progress, and so goes American LGBTQ rights. While the past few years have seen legal and cultural improvements for marriage equality, the past few weeks have seen Indiana’s SB 101, which allows companies to turn away LGBTQ identifying customers on the basis […]

Need to use a public restroom? If you live in Florida, that might soon be a criminal act, depending on who you are. On February 4th, Florida Representative Frank Artiles introduced HB583 in the state legislature, a bill that, if passed, would attempt to police the usage of single-sex public bathrooms. The bill, titled “Single […]

Jonathan Chait’s recent article in New York Magazine asserts that “political correctness” is the downfall of political discourse. However, his argument ignores the important rise of identity politics and the corresponding shift in cultural views on speech. Chait asserts that “while politically less threatening than conservatism (the far right still commands far more power in […]

The New York Marriage Equality Act of 2011 promised that same-sex marriages and opposite-sex marriages would be treated the same in all respects of the law, allowing people like Jann Paczkowski to finally marry their partners. Most narratives surrounding the liberalization of marriage laws conclude with marriage as the happy ending. Packzowski’s story, however, does […]

“I’m not ready to surrender to a few folks in black robes,” said Idaho Governor Butch Otter (R) during a gubernatorial debate. “I’m not ready to surrender the will of the people in the state of Idaho, as they expressed in 2006 in an overwhelming majority.” Otter’s vows are directed at the Supreme Court’s decision […]