Last week, the International Criminal Court found Islamic militant Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to nine years in prison. Al-Mahdi now joins the ranks of Jean-Pierre Bemba, Germain Katanga, and Thomas Lubanga Dyilo as one of the only people to be convicted by the International Criminal Court since its inception […]

This past weekend, media developer Firaxis Games unveiled Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, the franchise’s latest, most technically advanced installment. Yet, despite all the frenzy surrounding the new game, memories of Civilization 3, in all its square-tiled antiquity, still linger, fresh and unadulterated in my mind. For my six-year-old self, that game was my first, and […]

Amongst Venezuela’s internationally recognized figures, 35-year-old Gustavo Dudamel is especially unique: he is a global celebrity in the world of classical music. Currently heading the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Simon Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, he is one of the most accomplished and recognized classical conductors in the world. He is frequently invited as […]

At the John Wayne Museum in Winterset, Iowa — a museum entirely devoted to commemorating the late, notorious actor — Donald Trump stood in front of a fake desert background and a wax figure of John Wayne.  “When you think about it, John Wayne represented strength, he represented power, he represented what the people are […]

With $40.9 million in ticket sales on its first day, the Chinese film “The Mermaid” broke global box office records in February of this year. The success of the movie manifests China’s growing presence within the global film industry. Blockbuster successes and an increased partnership between Hollywood and the Chinese film industry have set China […]

It’s sometimes difficult to rationalize why theater, as an art form, still exists. Films are far easier to consume, and can be furnished with immersive special effects and complicated sets. Television, as always, remains ubiquitous, especially with the growth of streaming services. Viewers can watch anything — even the Republican debates, if one is a […]

Manga, Japan’s infamous cartoon characters, are now being employed as something new: military weapons. The display of charming, young comic heroines plastered on war planes may seem like an innocent public art project or advertising campaign, but it is actually an indication of a deep militaristic ethos. At a time of changing power dynamics and […]