Starting in November 2017, the Tate Modern in London will host an exhibit called Red Star Over Russia, and will display artwork made by Russian and Soviet artists between 1905 and 1953. The art includes propaganda posters, Socialist realist paintings, and photographs by renowned artists of the time. Each work of art is accompanied by […]

On January 21, 2017, over 5 million people rallied around the world to stand up for women’s rights during the Trump administration. Rallies took place in every major city, from New York, to Los Angeles, to Washington DC; in small towns across the United States including Skagway, Alaska and Murray, Kentucky; and even around the […]

The gap between the wealthy and poor in the United States is disturbingly greater than most of its residents realize. The Walmart family alone claims more wealth than 42% of American families combined, and younger Americans do not have the same certainty of earning more money than their parents’ generation did. As the middle class […]

Fifty years ago, Ira Magaziner and a well-organized coalition of students changed the nature of education at Brown University. Their strategy: interpersonal organization to generate mass participation. Thanks to their efforts, the University now boasts an Open Curriculum and lacks distribution requirements. Today, Brown students organize primarily through social media and gather in lesser numbers. […]

President Donald Trump, before and since his inauguration, has repeatedly condemned artists and journalists, describing the cast of Hamilton as “overrated,” and attempting to discredit so-called “fake news.” President Trump’s behavior has left many worried given the lack of respect he’s shown towards artists and their right to offer legitimate alternate perspectives to powerful politicians. […]

In the latest episode of the Trump administration mixing public governance with private business, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom chose not to carry Ivanka Trump’s eponymous fashion line for the upcoming year (later followed by Sears and Kmart). This move compelled Kellyanne Conway to tell Fox News viewers — while sitting in front of the official […]

On December 19, 2016 Christine Lagarde, the managing director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was convicted in French courts for misusing public funds while working as the French Finance Minister almost ten years earlier. Specifically, Lagarde had been accused of negligence for not appealing a $420 million arbitration settlement between the French state […]

Light plays an essential role in public life. It is an enabler of all social interaction. It shapes the cityscape. Yet, this important aspect of a city’s built environment has gone widely underinvestigated for years. However, the UN General Assembly’s declaration that 2015 would be the “International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies” has brought […]

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen….” So begins George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984, originally published in 1949. In 2017, nearly 70 years after being written, the novel has resurged to the top of several bestseller lists. Set in Oceania, a totalitarian police superstate controlled and heavily surveilled by […]