When people think of the Red Sox, a multitude of thoughts and emotions come to mind: Boston, their rivalry with the Yankees, love, eight World Series victories, and hatred, among others. What the vast majority of fans, adversaries, and everything in between don’t think about, however, is gardening. Yet, as of April 13, 2015, Fenway […]

“Anyone who is in the United States illegally is subject to deportation,” then-candidate Donald J. Trump said during a campaign trail speech on immigration. Within one week of taking office, President Trump took the first steps towards fulfilling this campaign promise, signing an executive order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United […]

On October 18th, 2016, Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, held a meeting with over 40 interfaith leaders to discuss new strategies for defeating the marijuana legalization question on the ballot. Throughout the course of the meeting, the archbishop took a strong stance against the legalization of the substance, citing concerns ranging from […]

“The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man — convicted of a crime I did not commit.” These were some of the last words Cameron Todd Willingham spoke right before he was executed by lethal injection on February 17, 2004. As it turns out, Willingham was right. Six years […]

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