In the wake of Yahya Jammeh’s arrest at the hands of Senegalese forces, Vladimir Putin’s return to one of his alleged favorite pastimes, and Nicolás Maduro’s increasingly creative efforts to hollow out Venezuela’s democratic institutions, an old piece of conventional wisdom about authoritarian leaders is apparently being validated: They only leave office in coups, in […]

Respectable public opinion holds that Labour has already lost the next General Election in the United Kingdom– maybe the next couple. Notwithstanding the unrestrained solipsism and unprofessionalism emanating from certain members of the frontbench, the increasingly divided cabinet, or the somewhat chilly public response to the prime minister’s choice of grammar schools (of all things) […]

In many ways, the political landscape in Eastern Europe is still getting its bearings after the fall of Warsaw-pact regimes in 1989-91. Though many Eastern European political parties and movements have been integrated into regional political structures such as EU political parties and parliamentary groupings (both of which operate as EU-wide bodies to which domestic […]

Since first being elected in 2005, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s famously football-loving president, has been scoring goal after goal. Morales’ victories have been monumental: He’s significantly reshaped the Bolivian constitution (for example, making Bolivia officially secular rather than Catholic), become the single dominant figure in Bolivian politics, and, as an Aymara, won recognition as the first […]

While much hay has been made over 2015’s assortment of political upsets, one of the most interesting applecarts to be overturned has received little attention in international media. European populism, particularly in its right-wing welfare-chauvinist strain, has supposedly been inexorably ascendant, as highlighted by the copious ink devoted by international media outlets to the successes […]

British politics are in a state of tumult. From the meteoric rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) to the unprecedented success of the Scottish National Party, the political landscape has undergone a transformation in recent years. Unfortunately, these shifts have failed to produce the structural changes that people had hoped for. The Liberal […]

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