“Hey shawty,” the recently-shaven, well-dressed, clearly-older-than-me man said as I crossed 34th street and made my way to Penn station. I was offended. “I’m 5’7,” I thought to myself, “and I am not short.”Sensitive to height-based derogations, I turned around and leered at the man ready to defend my statistically backed, taller-than-average stature. He winked. […]

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary run took a bite out of the expectation that she would receive a substantial chunk of the female vote: Clinton scraped up 50% of women’s votes, but that 0-percentage-point margin wasn’t enough to help her topple the lush-speaking Barack Obama. Neither did Hillary receive the support of many top female politicians; […]

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted by the United Nations in 1979. It has since been signed by all but seven nations: Iran, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, the United States, Palau and Tonga. Many of the nations that have ratified CEDAW have done so with disclaimers […]

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