Pirates — those ancient swashbucklers or their contemporary illegal-downloading counterparts — seldom conjure images of political savvy or engagement. Iceland, however, is a different case. The island nation in the north Atlantic has seen its political landscape altered by self-styled “pirates.” This transformation hasn’t erupted from smash-and-grab stunts or insurrection; these “pirates,” rather, are members […]

Reaching into uncharted political waters, Google recently prototyped a program designed to direct potential ISIL recruits away from the terrorist organization. This effort, termed the Redirect Method, funnels users to a carefully curated list of YouTube content that denounces ISIL indoctrination efforts. These videos include testimonials from “former extremists and imams denouncing [ISIL’s] corruption of […]

Peyton Manning, renowned for his legendary career as quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, has retired. His 18 years in the league made him sole owner of the NFL’s most completion yards and passing touchdowns records, as well as a two-time Super Bowl champion. That fame plastered his face first across billboards, […]

The December 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack, which claimed the lives of 14 people, sparked furious debate about gun violence and gun control, radicalism, and the asylum-granting process for refugees. Now, some three months later, it has sparked a new debate at the intersection of encryption, privacy, and governmental access. This is a conversation the […]

Zika has entered the American consciousness in much the same way Ebola did: with a melodramatic flourish and a twinge of impish paranoia. It is something to be feared and something very deadly. And, so goes the narrative, it will be here soon.This is, of course, a delightful oversimplification of Zika the disease and Zika […]

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