Over the past year, the average American has consumed an extra pound of dairy products. However, this is not a conscious decision in response to the Department of Health’s report that over 80 percent of the population’s dietary intake of dairy is below recommended levels. Consumers most likely fail to even notice their extra dairy […]

A 2013 This American Life episode called “Dopplegangers” introduced many Americans to the murky world of seafood fraud. Listeners tuning in grew horrified as the radio producers investigated an Oklahoman meat processing plant that sells hog rectum earmarked for use in “artificial calamari.” White, chewy, deep-fried—how are consumers to know if they are eating what […]

As spring fast approaches, 42 million American households are beginning to plan and design their gardens. Over the last five years, Americans have planted 17 percent more home gardens, an indication that an increasing number of families place an importance on growing their own food. One such family is the First Family. The Obamas’ 1,000 […]

With just over twelve months remaining for the Obama administration, the public’s attention has been focused on the president’s legacy. This summer, Obama was hailed as the anti-lame duck; he garnered congressional support in passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the controversial Iran nuclear deal, and judicial success with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of […]

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