Lalla Essaydi’s photographic art depicting Arab women emerges from a simple yet powerful idea for the image: women, their clothing, their setting and an interaction. The photography series is a result of a project several months long. She chooses the location in which to stage the image, personally creates the garments that the subjects will […]

The pursuit of transitional justice has proven to be a very problematic process in different forms and degrees throughout post-communist Eastern Europe. Since the collapse of the communist regimes in 1989, most governments of these post-communist countries have initiated a mechanism of transitional justice to reconcile past and present and bring perpetrators of communist crimes […]

Teenage blond twins singing a duet about love rarely are rejected with vigor. But that’s just what happened in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) when the audience booed Russia’s entry. Rather than a sudden aversion to twins or love songs, the precedent-setting event was primarily a reaction to Russia’s recent controversial politics: anti-gay laws […]

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