On New Year’s Day, New York’s celebrated Second Avenue Subway opened to great fanfare, concluding a tortured, century-long history of false starts and continually altered deadlines. First proposed in the 1920s, the project languished for decades due to intermittent financial crises before construction officially started in 2007. City and state officials hailed completion of the […]

Four years ago, a mass demonstration in Barcelona to celebrate La Diada, Cataluña’s national holiday, triggered the latest in a long line of efforts to kick-start a serious move for Catalán independence. While a 2014 referendum in favor of independence passed resoundingly,  it was plagued by low turnout and the results were disregarded, mainly because […]

From driving tests to downtown, parking is the bane of drivers young and old. Limited parking is an accepted and unavoidable fact of life in most metropolitan areas, but wrongly so. Around the nation, a transportation crisis stems from a surplus of parking spaces. A recent national study of 27 mixed-use, commercial-residential districts discovered that […]

In January, two former University of North Carolina athletes filed a class-action lawsuit against the school and the NCAA. According to the complaint, the university and the NCAA had failed to “safeguard and provide a meaningful education to scholarship athletes who agreed to attend UNC—and take the field—in exchange for academically sound instruction.” These allegations […]

The New York Marriage Equality Act of 2011 promised that same-sex marriages and opposite-sex marriages would be treated the same in all respects of the law, allowing people like Jann Paczkowski to finally marry their partners. Most narratives surrounding the liberalization of marriage laws conclude with marriage as the happy ending. Packzowski’s story, however, does […]

It’s a well-worn cliché that older generations complain about their descendants’ privileges, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less justified. Parents seem to take a special joy in reminding their children that when they were learning calculus, they didn’t have the luxury of graphing calculators or fancy computer programs. Their complaints are especially […]

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