Nina Totenberg, award-winning legal affairs correspondent for National Public Radio, will discuss current and historic Supreme Court cases — on issues from social justice and inequality to voting rights and campaign finance reform — and their impact on American policy.See the Brown Political Review’s liveblog of the event, as it happens, below.

Sexual assault on college campuses is receiving increased scrutiny. As calls to combat sexual assault grow louder on campuses across the country, many are looking to colleges to respond. Do the current methods that universities use while handling rape cases work? How can universities preserve the rights of both the survivors of sexual assault and […]

Long lines, shoddy preparations and incomprehensible rules: The US voting process is marred by these well-documented problems. But these barriers are just the beginning for minority groups like the blind and visually impaired. Individuals with visual impairments often find typical ballots — electronic or otherwise — inaccessible. For these citizens, exercising their right to vote […]

Politicians like data. But trends are a different story — harder to confuse and more difficult to misapply, trends can spell out dire predictions for even the most data-toting politicians. And today’s trends reveal a most moribund frontier in congressional deal-making: the end of moderate politics.The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press […]

The idea of religious liberty has enjoyed many roles in American society — throughout our nation’s history it has been the object of vituperative disagreement, the inspiration for liberals and conservatives alike and the fodder for countless social movements. But it also lays claim to another superlative — it has often found itself at the […]

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