“The rules that govern the distribution of genders in our language go back to late Latin and constitute internal constraints with which one must come to terms with,” published the French Academy in 2014. The French Academy – l’Académie française – is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the French language. In the midst of debates […]

President Donald Trump, before and since his inauguration, has repeatedly condemned artists and journalists, describing the cast of Hamilton as “overrated,” and attempting to discredit so-called “fake news.” President Trump’s behavior has left many worried given the lack of respect he’s shown towards artists and their right to offer legitimate alternate perspectives to powerful politicians. […]

Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, uncontestably one of the most powerful convention speeches, stressed women’s increasing empowerment in the US. “My daughters…now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States,” she triumphantly declared in a blue dress, designed by Christian Siriano, known for being inclusive in […]

Much like in the US presidential election, politicians in France must grapple with complex issues involving public education. The education system in France boasts egalitarian, incredibly accessible, high-quality universities. Most of these praised universities were established in the 18th century, and are still highly regarded – but nothing much has changed in their approach to education, […]

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