In early October, images of an Air France executive climbing a fence with his shirt in tatters made headlines across the world. The executive, Xavier Broseta, deputy human resources director at the airline, was fleeing from a crowd of workers after talks collapsed between Air France management and French pilots’ union, the Syndicat National des […]

It’s hard to draw a line between Brazil’s arts institutions and the corporations that finance them. The Brazilian arts world depends on private funding initiatives — the result of a 1991 measure nicknamed the “Rouanet Law.” The measure gave companies and individuals who donate to cultural institutions up to a 100 percent tax rebate on […]

On September 18, the day of Scotland’s referendum, it was not just the Scottish that held their breath — panicked Westminster politicians, stakeholders across Europe and curious onlookers around the world also awaited the verdict. Reporters commented on the throngs of foreigners who had flooded into Scotland to support the nationalist movement. Coming from separatist […]

On September 22, a political dynasty fell. Following a highly publicized corruption trial, former Chinese politburo member Bo Xilai had his assets stripped and was sentenced to death. His predicament gained global attention, providing a rare look into the tumultuous world of Chinese politics and the unsavory current running beneath the nation’s meteoric growth. Although […]

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