While Uber and Lyft let drivers take the wheel in making their own schedules, we ought not ignore the impact these “sharing economy” apps have on workers’ rights. Learn more about the recent controversies surrounding unionization and the sharing economy in this update from the BPR Media Team.Video by Zack Goldstein, Max Naftol, and Louise […]

ADHESIVE IDENTITIES: Stickers and Political ExpressionHidden behind their laptop screens, students seemingly create a barrier separating them from the outside world. Yet, in an era where political activism has expanded to encompass social media platforms, the very technological devices used by students have become in and of themselves vehicles of political expression. Political stickers, once […]

What happens in an election between a leftist academic economist and a far-right, anti-immigrant populist? Austria just answered this question, and the economist won! In a result leaning against recent right wing victories, Green Partier Alexander Van Der Bellen defeated populist Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential elections. This is not to say that this […]

In March 2016, Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina signed House Bill 2, which required that individuals use the restrooms that corresponded to the gender they were assigned at birth, spurring a national discussion about gender and restroom usage.Democrats and progressives argue that the bill in effect discriminates against transgender individuals who wish to use […]

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