Ever since the end of the 35-year Japanese occupation of Korea in 1945 and the nearly unparalleled horrors of the Korean War, South Korea’s political and cultural classes have struggled with accusations of cooperation with Japanese imperialists. Those accused are called “chinilpa” – people friendly to Japan. Against this backdrop, a massive political debate has […]

Relations between Poland and Russia have never been described as warm. While their robust economic cooperation may have had a mutually positive impact in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, any such progress or thawing of Cold War anxieties has been lost today. To Poland’s southeast, Ukraine is embroiled in a highly […]

Like a funhouse mirror for American society, Fred Phelps reflected and distorted American ideals in ways that were uncomfortable and even embarrassing. At news of his death on March 19, however, joyous tweets and blog posts were abound. Catapulted into a sort of stardom, Phelps became the quintessential representation of the most extreme fringes of […]

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