Morocco’s first Ikea was scheduled for a grand opening in Mohammedia, north of Casablanca, on September 29. When the doors of the furniture store never opened that day, officials from the Moroccan interior ministry said the store simply lacked proper documentation, that Ikea had not obtained the “conformity certificate” required for its opening. But many […]

December 17 was marked by a historic diplomatic breakthrough when President Obama announced that the United States would restore full relations with Cuba after 53 years of isolation. On the same day, Pope Francis, who had been credited with playing a vital role in facilitating the rapprochement, celebrated his 78th birthday. “The Holy Father wishes […]

Knowledge is power, and colonial elites knew it better than anyone. In particular, they knew how education can be used to empower some while disempowering others. Today, countries with colonial legacies have yet to escape the impacts of a system that sought to minimize or erase indigenous identities through imposed education systems and foreign languages […]

South African President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address February 12 was largely overshadowed by the violence that erupted during it, with the live television signal cutting out as parliamentarians threw desks, seat cushions and hats, scuffling with each other and security officials in a chaotic parliamentary brawl. When President Zuma rose to deliver his […]

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