The week before the US presidential election, then-Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine made history by delivering the first presidential campaign speech conducted entirely in Spanish. “No hablo español perfectamente,” he began, adopting the language associated with immigration into the United States. In Spanish, Senator Kaine criticized President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies, which Trump has […]

The increasing polarization of US politics has made this election season incredibly bizarre. On one side of the presidential campaign is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. On the other is a right-wing populist billionaire. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, candidates that are more or less political outsiders, leaning the furthest from center, are challenging commonly accepted […]

Technology has irrefutably and dramatically transformed the journalism industry in the past 20 years. Access to media has evolved from local newspapers delivered daily to front doors to retrieving the latest news with a few taps on the keyboard, through news sites and social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Minutes after an earthquake […]

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