Editor’s note: This week, BPR Global is excited to feature two guest columnists weighing in on a pressing global issue — the persistence of the Catalan independence movement. Today’s column is written by Brown ’13 graduate and former BPR contributor and Global Managing Editor Jorge Tamames.The human chain stretched across the whole of Catalonia. 1.6 […]

Margaret Thatcher is dead, and hagiography on the former British Prime Minister—brilliantly interrupted by Ken Loach’s petition to privatize her funeral—has already piled up to stratospheric heights. I would not be surprised if her spirit, like Chávez’s, announced itself to David Cameron in the form of a bird. I wonder what sort of bird though.Before […]

Last week I missed an important reason why Spain is in a state of absolute disarray. This of course is the growing strength of independence movements, both in the Basque Country (Euskadi) and Catalonia –which may have crossed the Rubicon in its decision to secede from Spain. I have so far avoided tackling the issue […]

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