Home to impressive monuments such as Timbuktu and Djenné, the Sahel Region, an eco-climate zone that encompasses nations such as Sudan, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Chad (Somalia and Ethiopia are occasionally included), was at the center of the global gold trade for centuries and boasted spectacular civilizations such as the Benin […]

A 2005 headline for The Guardian reads: ‘The end of oil is closer than you think.’ A more recent example from the Christian Science Monitor reads: “How long will world’s oil reserves last? 53 years, says BP.” These sensational headlines are indicative of the global preoccupation with oil. From statistics that indicate that global oil production will […]

In 2012, Zhou Yongkang enjoyed political success as both the chairman of the Central Political and Legislative Affairs Commission and a prominent member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo – the highest organ-of-state in the Communist Party of China (CCP). Within the next two years, however, Zhou would find himself indicted for a “serious disciplinary violation” […]

In July 2012, Nigerian authorities certified the destruction of one of Lagos’ prominent slums, Makoko, otherwise known as the “Venice of Africa.” Housing approximately 250,000 residents who live afloat Lagos Lagoon in hovels built on stilts, Makoko serves as a self-sustaining fishing community for those who migrated to the city with hopes of leading better […]

Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall along the United States and Mexican border has arguably become the most memorable talking point of his presidential campaign. While his statements have fundamentally polarized the American public, Trump’s sentiments are not unprecedented in the global context. Some may praise globalization for its unifying effects, but today’s globalizing […]

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