On January 22nd, 2006, two Russian-controlled natural gas pipelines in the North Caucasus exploded. The impending delays to energy delivery sparked outrage in Tbilisi, Georgia, leading to claims that the explosion was the Kremlin’s punishment for Georgia’s Westward political and economic trajectory since the Rose Revolution in 2003. The evidence behind this accusation may be […]

The basis of US politics has come to strikingly resemble the computer binary system. Our political dialogue has come to take the ideological authority of the two-party duopoly as given, and our political rhetoric has become black and white: Democrat or Republican, progressive or conservative, big government versus small government. That’s right, the two-party system […]

Since the first Russian troops began invading Crimea, the West has considered various approaches to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine. For the United States and the European Union, focusing on diplomatic talks is a more effective strategy than the more punitive approach of escalating sanctions, providing weapons to the Poroshenko administration, or, at worst, putting […]

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