Seen most profoundly in the 2014 Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, and iterated frequently in both political rhetoric and legal decisions, is the government’s obligation to define religious freedom — the Free Exercise Clause in the First Amendment asserts the right to freedom of religion. However, the separation of church and state is also embedded […]

Shia LaBeouf, erstwhile child movie star of Even Stevens and Transformers fame, surprised the internet with a performance art piece titled #ALLMYMOVIES, in which he sat in a theater for three days and watched, in reverse chronological order, all of his movies. LaBeouf, 29 with a laundry list of leading roles, captivated audiences as they watched him […]

On October 11, one day before Indigenous Peoples’ Day (federally designated as Columbus Day), California signed into law the first state-wide ban in the country of the use of Red***ns as a mascot. Though well-intentioned, this bill will only affect four schools, and many others will get to keep their racist mascots. Among the schools […]

On September 17, New York Times columnist Charles Blow addressed a full crowd at Brown in a colloquium titled “The New Civil Rights Movement.” Blow spoke forcefully — religiously, even — about the state of racial inequality in the United States, concentrating especially on police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement. With its roots […]

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