Is it Super PACs or the liberal media that’s corrupting Washington? While most presidential candidates recognize the American political process is broken, they can’t seem to agree on which special interest to blame. Amidst all this scapegoating, they’ve failed to identify another factor in our political system that is unjustly biased towards a fraction of […]

In December of last year, two boats chartered by the environmental vigilante group Sea Shepherd, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon, embarked on an epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase in an effort to catch the Thunder, an infamous fish-poaching trawler. After first spotting the trawler in the icy waters off of Antarctica, the two vigilante […]

Common Core State Standards were designed to create common education standards — not common criticisms. But across the country, an unlikely coalition of students, parents, teachers, and politicians has united against one particularly controversial aspect of the new standards: the development and implementation of Common Core-aligned state tests. When Common Core Standards were first introduced […]

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