For the last three decades, anti-debt polemics have been the cause célèbre of self-styled “fiscal conservatives.” Over the course of their crusade, deficit hawks have cultivated several strategies to reduce government borrowing and spending. They have tried everything from emotional appeals that invoke scary, big-sounding factoids to more serious econometric studies. Yet all of these […]

The Kashmir musk deer is a curious creature. Unlike its American brethren, it’s endangered, elusive and adorned with fangs. Scientists were therefore excited to announce that they had recently spotted the first such animal in Afghanistan since 1948. Americans collectively raised an eyebrow in mild interest upon hearing the news. This is certainly more attentiveness […]

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not endeared himself to his more liberal, reform-minded constituents. Last summer, thousands of protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian rule. The prime minister’s detractors have not had to look far. Under Erdogan’s leadership, Turkey holds the ignominious honor of being the world’s leading […]

After Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea, he was charged with trying to reconstitute the Soviet Union. Although the Russian president has not exactly dispelled this claim, it would be a mistake to cry “Evil Empire!” over one foreign excursion. Not that the critics are wrong — they are just looking in the wrong place for evidence.  […]

Capital punishment has had a turbulent courtroom history. Inmates on death row routinely spend years appealing their sentences. Numerous legal challenges have shown that the death penalty is disproportionately applied to nonwhite minorities. IQ and DNA tests are often catalysts for last-minute reprisals. Even at the highest level, the issue is rarely uncontroversial; the Supreme Court […]

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