Military weaponry is evolving, and we are getting closer to creating weapons systems able to make killing decisions without human intervention. These so-called “killer robots” are on their way, and, in order to save lives, it is important to halt their development before they arrive on the military scene. Although remote-controlled drones have the capacity to […]

From the Temple Mount to the Israelite Tower to the Monastery of the Virgins, the significance of excavations in Jerusalem is unparalleled. Layer by layer, human history is being uncovered in the Holy Land. But these excavations are more than just an archaeological pursuit — they’re being used to solidify a national identity for the […]

I found the so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Center” on Google Maps listed along with Planned Parenthood when I searched for “pregnancy care.” Inspired by California’s recent banning of such centers, I wanted to see how they would treat a pregnant nineteen-year-old, unready for motherhood but seeking out options. I called on a whim in search of […]

The process by which artists cycle through neighborhoods of American cities has become so prevalent it has its own name: the SoHo effect. Historically, poor artists venture into areas where no one else will — typically, these areas are already populated by lower income people or people of color. The artists act as Columbus-type explorers, […]

Jonathan Chait’s recent article in New York Magazine asserts that “political correctness” is the downfall of political discourse. However, his argument ignores the important rise of identity politics and the corresponding shift in cultural views on speech. Chait asserts that “while politically less threatening than conservatism (the far right still commands far more power in […]

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