Hugh Clements became Providence’s 37th Chief of Police in 2012. Clements has received recognition for his service from the FBI and holds a bachelor of science in justice administration from Roger Williams University.Brown Political Review: What was your initial reaction to the events in Ferguson, Missouri?Hugh Clements: My initial reaction was that there were flaws by the local authorities […]

Noam Chomsky is a professor emeritus in the department of linguistics and philosophy at MIT. In 2005, Chomsky topped a list released by Foreign Policy Magazine of the 100 most important public intellectuals of our time.  Brown Political Review: In the long term, how do you see the relationship between Israel and Palestine?Noam Chomsky: There is an overwhelming […]

Olympia Snowe is a former Republican Senator from Maine. She recently retired from the Senate and launched Olympia’s List, a centrist political action committee focused on ending gridlock in Washington. She recently spoke with BPR’s Henry Knight.Brown Political Review: What is the mission of Olympia’s List and how do you envision its future?Olympia Snowe: I created [Olympia’s […]

Henry Knight spoke with Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York-based non-profit advocating for more liberal drug laws. He was formerly a professor of political science at Princeton University.Brown Political Review: What is the objective of the Drug Policy Alliance?Ethan Nadelmann: The mission of the Drug Policy […]

Jack Markell ’82, currently serving his second term as governor of Delaware, talks to Brown Political Review’s Henry Knight. Markell is a former chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association, and concentrated in economics and development studies at Brown.Brown Political Review: Given the public’s disenchantment with national politics, is it now up to the states to […]

Chris Murphy, the junior U.S. Senator from Connecticut, talks to Brown Political Review’s Henry Knight. Sen. Murphy voted against this summer’s Senate resolution authorizing military force in Syria, representing a departure from his party and the president’s proposed foreign policy.Brown Political Review: Why have you said your decision to vote against the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s […]

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